CIM Database Cloud

The digital home for your projects, products, and documents – with Cloud PLM

Cloud PLM software for all phases of your digital product development – from conception to market launch

PLM in the Cloud

Choose the PLM software that grows with you

Increase the digital maturity of your product development processes step by step. CIM Database Cloud provides you with just the right functionality for your current needs and goals.

Improve collaboration within the design team
Accelerate product development and integrate systems
Bring innovations to market faster and manage product portfolios more efficiently

Collaborate Accelerate Innovate

Develop products faster and easier

CIM Database Cloud is the solution for end-to-end digital product development. Our ready-to-run software combines enterprise PLM capabilities with state-of-the-art cloud technology and offers industry-leading security standards for full control over your data and access rights.

Integrate existing systems

Easily connect CIM Database Cloud to the software tools you already use. Integrate MCAD, ECAD, ERP, MES, CRM, MS Office, and more.

Accelerate your product development

With state-of-the-art PLM features that make the difference

Document Management
Product Data Management
Requirements Management
Project Management
Variant Management

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A PLM system optimizes communication and work processes in multidisciplinary product development. All employees access a central database, the “Single Source of Truth”. This makes design processes more transparent, dissolves data silos, and prevents miscommunications and errors. With PLM, companies can accelerate development processes, quickly react to customer requirements, and bring innovations to market faster and more cost-effectively.

CIM Database Cloud is characterized by two features in particular: as “Software as a Service”, the application is run on the infrastructure of a cloud provider. There is no need for a local installation on company-owned servers. The ready-to-use no-code software with an intuitive web interface can be put into operation immediately thanks to its standardized, pre- configured modules.